Planning and Zoning

Planning and Zoning Meeting schedules are listed below.

Minutes from these meetings are posted to the Minutes and Agendas page.
Meetings are held in the City Hall Board Room at 6 PM.
To have an item placed on the Agenda for the next Planning & Zoning Meeting, a letter with your request must be presented by the Deadline date for the next Meeting.
For more information, call 228.466.2549

July Regular Meeting 6:00 PM July 24 – Deadline for submittals was June 23rd.

August Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM August 28th – Deadline for submittals is July 21st.

September Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM September 26th – Deadline for submittals is August 25th.

October Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM October 30th – Deadline for submittals is September 29th.

November Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM November 27th – Deadline for submittals is October 27th.

December Regular Meeting – 6:00 PM December 18th – Deadline for submittals is November 17th.