Zeta Debris Pickup

Attention Residents

We are nearing the end of the debris pick up in Waveland for Hurricanes Zeta.  Monday, February 22, 2021 will be the last day to place debris in the right-of-way for pick up. Monday debris monitors and debris haulers will start clearing streets for the last time. This effort will be a street by street inspection and once a street is cleared we will not be able to go back and pick up any debris.

They will cover every street within the city one more time we have a spreadsheet of all complaints as they have been turned in and they will be included in this final pick up. However if you have concerns you are welcome to report it again on the city website under report debris and it will be double checked again. Please remember that the stumps that are laying around will most likely be picked up very last because specialized equipment is needed to load and remove those pieces of debris. Thank you for your patience please share.

Mickey Lagasse

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