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Planning & Zoning

David Draz,
Office Manager & Zoning Official
228.467.5177 Fax

Jeanne Conrad, Clerk
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Building Inspection /
Code Enforcement

Josh Hayes
Building Official
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Blighted and/or Abandoned Property

Josh Hayes
Building Official

Please see form below to report Blighted and/or Abandoned Property

Dates And Deadlines For The P&Z Meetings

2019 P&Z Meeting and Submittal Deadline Dates

January Deadline for Application Submittals – December 28th
January Regular Meeting – January 28th 6:00 PM

February Deadline for Application Submittals – January 25th
February Regular Meeting – February 28th 6:00 PM

March Deadline for Application Submittals – February 22nd
March Regular Meeting – March 25th 6:00 PM

April Deadline for Application Submittals – March 22nd
April Regular Meeting – April 22nd 6:00 PM

May Deadline for Application Submittals – April 18th
May Regular Meeting – May 20th 6:00 PM

June Deadline for Application Submittals – May 17th
June Regular Meeting – June 17th 6:00 PM
Meeting Cancelled – No Cases Presented

July Deadline for Application Submittals – June 21st
July Regular Meeting – July 22nd 6:00 PM

August Deadline for Application Submittals – July 19th
August Regular Meeting – August 19th 6:00 PM

September Deadline for Application Submittals – August 16th
September Regular Meeting – September 16th 6:00 PM

October Deadline for Application Submittals – September 20th
October Regular Meeting – October 21st 6:00 PM

November Deadline for Application Submittals – October 18th
November Regular Meeting – November 18th 6:00 PM

December Deadline for Application Submittals – November 15th
December Regular Meeting – December 16th 6:00 PM


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Documents & Forms

Please note: These documents are provided in PDF Format. Here is a link to the free PDF Reader Software

If you need any of these documents in another format please call or email the Building/ Planning & Zoning / Blighted and Abandoned Properties Department. Phone (228) 466-2549 Email:

Building Department

Ordinance #375 – 2018 Building Codes and Fees – Effective 08/18/18
New Construction Permit & Utilities Guide – Revised 08/18/18
Building Permit Application and Submittal Requirements (New Construction & Existing Structures) Revised 08/18/18
Residential Accessory Building Application and Requirements for Submittal
Change of Occupancy Permit Application
Pool Permit Application and Fencing Requirements
Development Permit – Filling, Grading, Excavation, Routine Maintenance and Lot Clearing Only – This is not a Floodplain Development Permit Application
Floodplain Information

Planning & Zoning

Primary Development Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance Textual Amendments – April 2019
Zoning Map 2019 Current Version
Zoning Ordinance
Redistricting Ordinance
Subdivision Ordinance
Design Guidelines for New Construction – For New Subdivisions and New Construction by District)

Commonly Requested Portions of the Zoning Ordinance

Temporary Recreational Vehicle Permit Application and Requirements (Residential Construction Only)
Fence Permit Application and Submittal Requirements
Tree Removal Application and Submittal Requirements
Permanent Sign Permit Application
Temporary / Banner Sign Permit Application
Sign Regulations – Complete (Section 405)
Home Occupations in Residential Districts
Ordinance 322 – Standards for erosion and sediment control and post-construction runoff
Recreational Vehicle Ordinance

Zoning Changes / Variances / Conditional Uses

Zoning Change Application and Requirements for Submittal
Variance Application and Regulations
Conditional Use Application and Regulations

Searchable Property and Flood Zone Maps

Searchable Property Maps
Flood Zone Maps – Effective on October 16th, 2009

Note:  These maps are provided as helpful informational tools ONLY.  The City of Waveland does not produce or maintain these maps.  Please contact our office if you have any questions about requirements for most building and development in the City.  Thank you.

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